WAP Change Log

= = Released April 20th, 2024

* Verify post_date_gmt is set when recycling posts.
* Added Find and Replace special keywords option to add a prefix or postfix to the post title/content/excerpt.
* Added parameter checks for PHP 8.1+ changes.

= 2.3 = Released August 29th, 2023

* Do not trigger Restart Frequency when editing an already published post.
* Fix for greater than and less than comparisons for comments and meta values.
* Change: Find/Replace now case sensitive.
* Post Recycle: added ability to force Featured Image options separately from force Post Actions.
* fixed: Run Once now working for disabled Rulesets.
* Cloned posts now also inherit post_status, post_excerpt, and the featured image.

= 2.2.3 = Released April 14th, 2023

* fixed warnings on new filter variable name.

= 2.2.2 = Released April 6th, 2023

* function_exists check added for hosts that disable getmypid().
* Moved custom meta field search option to it’s own section in Post Conditions.
* Added custom meta field option to the Post Actions tab.
* Combined some setting fields for better visibility.
* Try to catch disabled Ruleset events that are stuck in a cache. Caching cron events is bad. Don’t do it.
* Fix for Suppress Filters option defaulting to true. Now defaults to false.

= 2.2.1 = Released December 2nd, 2022

* Fix for displaying option Max Posts per Day.

= 2.2 = Released November 16th, 2022

* Moved ‘Also trigger on publishing’ from Featured Image to General. Now applies to entire Ruleset.
* Featured Image – Added option to set a featured image. If multiple images selected, one chosen at random.
* Featured Image – Added option for the condition to set a featured image if one missing or not.
* Featured Image – Create Image From Title will use any featured image set as the background image when writing the post title text.
* Featured Image – Added option to specify a background image to use instead of a blank canvas.
* Post Conditions – Added option to query eligible posts by number of comments.

= 2.1 = Released October 7th, 2022

* Featured Image solid tweaks.

= 2.0.1 = Released October 1st, 2022

* Featured Image – Added option to also trigger when a post published outside of WAP.
* Featured Image – Added Modify option to just remove the Featured Image from the post, leaving file alone.
* Featured Image – Do not import found image if width/height less than thumbnail size in Media Settings.
* Featured Image – Fix ‘if missing’ option cascade.
* Featured Image – Fix for finding thumbnail taking extension of tmpFile instead of source file.
* Remove script timeout, if allowed.
* only display admin messages on WAP pages.

= 2.0 = Released September 30th, 2022

* Added Featured Image tab for modifying/finding/creating featured image from posts.
* Added dashicons for tabs.
* getRulesetOption – return default if ruleset exists but setting doesn’t.
* Fix for selecting ‘(recycle only)’ in Post Conditions not being recognized.
* Added check for missing ABSPATH definition by WordPress.
* Fixed missing sleepDelay in Recycle Mode.
* If a cron event is removed by 3rd party code, WAP will try restarting cron event automatically.
* Fix for Post Recycling triggering wrong number of posts to recycle under certain conditions.

= 1.8.1 = Released August 9th, 2022

* Don’t check and verify cron event if only clicking the Run Once button.
* Show conditional note when Litespeed Cache detected about Object Caching messing up cron transients.
* Fix for Restart Frequency on Publish – increase check transient to 60 secs with deletion after post update.
* Fix for Restart Frequency on Publish – no longer counts WAP publishing a post as a reason to restart.
* Fix for relative Inclusion/Exclusion dates also using times, like “first Thu of this month:0400-0600”
* Fix to ignore empty values when using Inclusion/Exclusion settings like “0400-0800,,1100-1400,”
* Include next event time in Logs when a post is updated.

= 1.8 = Released May 19th, 2022

* Added taxonomy operators in ‘Post Conditions’ tab.
* Added ability to set a random post author in ‘Post Actions’ tab.
* Added ‘private’ to possible post statuses to select.
* Multisite fix.
* Replaced date function with date_i18n in some places to support multiple languages.

= 1.7 = Released January 28th, 2022

* Added option in Post Actions tab to clone the post and apply actions to the clone.
* Added find/replace special keywords DATE_FORMAT and TIME_FORMAT.
* Bugfix for PHP 8 and named parameters.
* Code to restart enabled Rulesets on this upgrade so they use new parameters.
* Added extra debug messages.

= 1.6 = Released November 10th, 2021

* Changed Restart Frequency on Publish from a checkbox to multi-select post types.
* Added option to force Post Actions on recycled posts.
* Added Post Conditions option to suppress filters during WP Query.
* Plugin Update Checker updated to v4.11
* Added Advanced Option for a Delay Between Posts to ensure unique timestamps.
* Added conditional note when W3 Total Cache detected about Object Caching messing up cron transients.
* Added conditional note that WordPress is not yet fully compatible with PHP v8, causing WAP events to fail.

= 1.5 = Released April 20th, 2021

* Added Action: Notify Post Author if any changes made.
* Added Recycling: Notify Post Author if post recycled.
* Added Action: Find and Replace (with spintax support) to any combo of post Title/Content/Excerpt.
* Added Condition: Limit Keyword Search to any combo of post Title/Content/Excerpt/Custom Fields.
* Added Delete Ruleset button to Edit -> General tab.
* Bugfix when importing ruleset to a fresh install – nextID was undefined.
* Saved Ruleset names now linked to edit page.

= 1.4 = Released January 4th, 2021

* Min/Max Post/Recycle settings now also accept any strtotime format (2 months ago or 2020-10-22).
* Increased max parameter for Max Posts per Day/Query to 10000.
* Added ‘Daily Schedule’ to Recycle Mode.
* Added ‘trash’ selection to post status box in Post Conditions.
* Event Frequency now accepts multiple values, such as “10m,30m,4h” and one will be chosen at random each time for the next event.
* Added Recycle Modes for Weekly and Monthly schedules.

= 1.3.1 = Released April 14th, 2020

* Multisite Hotfix: Make sure WordPress pluggable.php included or wp_get_current_user fails.

= 1.3 = Released April 13th, 2020

* Added RTL language support.
* Added Post Recycling option to create an entirely new post from an existing post.
* Added option to set custom Original Publish text on Post Recycling tab.
* Added ability to limit check by post IDs.
* Updated Plugin Update Checker to 4.9
* Link to post in Logs and Admin Messages.

= 1.2.4 = Released February 8th, 2020

* Bugfix with Gutenberg editor. Show admin messages via admin_notices filter hook.

= 1.2.3 = Released February 8th, 2020

* Bugfix on countable warning message.

= 1.2.2 = Released January 18th, 2020

* Set Post Date to Current Time also sets the post gmt date.

= 1.2.1 = Released December 12th, 2019

* Remove Post Status selection ‘publish (keep date)’. Added separate Post Action option to Set Post Date instead to override default WordPress action.
* Bugfix – manually running a ruleset would trigger ‘Restart Frequency on Publish’.

= 1.2 = Released December 8th, 2019

* Added ability to publish posts without changing the post date.
* Added Enable/Disable toggle icon to Action column in Saved Rulesets.
* Added Export icon to Action column in Saved Rulesets.
* Added ability to import/export Rulesets.
* Added ability to filter WP_Query to allow custom queries by user.
* Bugfix – empty Ruleset value ‘Event Frequency’ prevented saving all settings.
* Bugfix for Post Conditions -> Ignore Sticky Posts? always selected.
* Prevent WordPress scheduling 2+ events if time range used (i.e. 4h-24h)
* Added support for recognizing ‘long’ dates – Monday, September, etc.
* More emphasis which settings are required in order to save Ruleset, like Event Frequency.

= 1.1 = Released August 8th, 2019

* Added Post Condition to limit by Featured Images.
* Added support for relative formats for inclusion/exclusion dates.
* Added default taxonomy action ‘None’.
* Added note under Saved Rulesets whether WP-Cron is detected or not and how Rulesets are triggered.
* Bugfix for Inclusion/Exclusion dates not using timezone offset.
* Minor display tweaks.

= 1.0.1 = Released June 28th, 2019

* Bugfix: strict typecast Ruleset ID so WP event args are serialized correctly.
* Added license check message to Plugins page.

= 1.0 = Released May 17th, 2019

* Initial Release.

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